Further to this…

Once the 2nd edition is up and running and the eBook is done, I will ensure that a good portion of the novel is made available to those who wish to ‘test drive’ it.


I’m currently in the process of weeding out a few typos and grammatical errors that crept into the first edition. The red-penning should be done by this evening. Once I’ve amended the manuscript, which should take a couple of days of work, I will have the second edition on Lulu by the end of the week.

Once this is available I plan to turn The Gamblers into an eBook. Fortunately, I have the tools to undertake this process myself. But producing something which looks professional might take a few days of blood, sweat and (without doubt) tears. I haven’t given full thought to the price, but £2.99 seems like a decent price with a mass-market appeal.

Getting interest and decent sales for Christmas is the ideal scenario. However, selling enough to generate decent word-of-mouth would be just as nice.

Publicity blitz

Over the next few weeks I plan to have a bit of a publicity blitz in the build-up to Christmas. Most of this will involve posters, leaflets, samplers etc. all linking back to this site. The posters and leaflets will be put up in pubs/bars and coffee houses that allow such things to be displayed and the samplers I will just leave in random places where they can be picked up and read (on the tube, on tables at bars and cafes, in local sandwich bars).

Garnering sales and interest in my novel is what this is all about, after all. I’m getting rather excited about the whole process.