To all you Kindlers, I need a favour

I’ve spent a few days with Jutoh, compiling The Gamblers into a Kindle ready document. I’d do more but I’ve been feeling ill over the last few days so haven’t added any more new chapters today. Anyway, I digress…

Here’s where you lovely folks come in. If you click the link below you have access to the first 42 chapters of The Gamblers. However, can you message me (via Twitter, if you’re on it) or write a comment on this post and let me know if the damn thing works on your Kindle or not.

Some of the finer formatting details I haven’t dealt with yet, but I will in due course. I just need to know that it doesn’t look like a big pile of electronic crap when you look at it. T2pFek9nMm1vQnRFQlE9PQ


2 thoughts on “To all you Kindlers, I need a favour

  1. Dear Martin Stanley


    We are publishing our first titles next month. Top of our list is the Lew Grant series. Lew Grant is amoral, tough and has no redeeming features.

    Would you be interested in talking to us about The Gamblers and other noir or crime titles?


    R S Byram

    01422 379 325

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