A slight reboot of the cover

After a discussion with a friend I have decided to do a slight reboot of the cover. It still keeps James Greenway’s excellent illustration, but it deepens the shadows and gives a higher contrast background for the title text and the back cover blurb.

Here it is:

Something for nothing

Don’t be shy, Kindle users, here, for free, is the first portion of my debut novel The Gamblers – an ultra-dark slice of British crime fiction.

Download the first portion of The Gamblers here

The link is only up till April 26th so don’t delay. Download now and read at leisure.

If you like it, then please feel free to visit Amazon on buy the full novel for a very reasonable 86p. And, if not, then just delete the file off your Kindle and we’ll say no more about it!

Publicity Drive

I hate using Twitter and Facebook to sell my wares, I really do. I am not one of life’s natural salesmen. I do it under duress, but I do it nonetheless, because I actually believe in my work and think it is a good piece of pulp fiction. It probably won’t change your life, but it might just entertain you.

To avoid doing too much Twitter and Facebook linking, which I think gets as repetitive for friends and followers as it does for me, I have decided to produce posters and, more importantly, I think, these postcards that use snippets of dialogue along with the relevant passage of text. The postcards are my favourite because they actually engage with readers in a way that posters can’t.

I will be dropping them all over London bars and cafes in the coming weeks to publicise The Gamblers and put my work into as many people’s hands as possible. I might pass a few along to friends and family, to see if they’ll also drop a few of these bad boys in their local pubs and cafes.

So, should you see a stubbly/bearded man in your local putting promo cards down on tables, then do say hello…

Gamblers postcard frontThe Gamblers postcard back

Gamblers postcard 2 frontThe Gamblers postcard 2 back

The Gamblers. Finally available on Kindle

The new cover for The Gamblers

The Gamblers cover illustrated by James Greenway

The Gamblers is now available on Kindle (with a nifty new cover illustration by James Greenway) and it will also be available soon as a paperback, both available on Amazon. The paperback will set you back $13.99 (about £8 in British money), the Kindle book a hell of a lot less!

A lot of effort has gone into every aspect from the book. Three years worth of writing; Design and layout in Quark Xpress, eBook creation and formatting in Jutoh. Plus, I’ve been through the bloody thing so often, looking for the dreaded typos, that I’m practically word blind! But if you find a typo I haven’t seen I’m sure you lovely folks will let me know.

Anyway, you can buy it on Kindle right now http://amzn.to/fG0WNC

And those of you who want a paperback version should be able to buy it in about a fortnight.