The Gamblers. Finally available on Kindle

The new cover for The Gamblers

The Gamblers cover illustrated by James Greenway

The Gamblers is now available on Kindle (with a nifty new cover illustration by James Greenway) and it will also be available soon as a paperback, both available on Amazon. The paperback will set you back $13.99 (about £8 in British money), the Kindle book a hell of a lot less!

A lot of effort has gone into every aspect from the book. Three years worth of writing; Design and layout in Quark Xpress, eBook creation and formatting in Jutoh. Plus, I’ve been through the bloody thing so often, looking for the dreaded typos, that I’m practically word blind! But if you find a typo I haven’t seen I’m sure you lovely folks will let me know.

Anyway, you can buy it on Kindle right now

And those of you who want a paperback version should be able to buy it in about a fortnight.


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