Publicity Drive

I hate using Twitter and Facebook to sell my wares, I really do. I am not one of life’s natural salesmen. I do it under duress, but I do it nonetheless, because I actually believe in my work and think it is a good piece of pulp fiction. It probably won’t change your life, but it might just entertain you.

To avoid doing too much Twitter and Facebook linking, which I think gets as repetitive for friends and followers as it does for me, I have decided to produce posters and, more importantly, I think, these postcards that use snippets of dialogue along with the relevant passage of text. The postcards are my favourite because they actually engage with readers in a way that posters can’t.

I will be dropping them all over London bars and cafes in the coming weeks to publicise The Gamblers and put my work into as many people’s hands as possible. I might pass a few along to friends and family, to see if they’ll also drop a few of these bad boys in their local pubs and cafes.

So, should you see a stubbly/bearded man in your local putting promo cards down on tables, then do say hello…

Gamblers postcard frontThe Gamblers postcard back

Gamblers postcard 2 frontThe Gamblers postcard 2 back

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