The eBook gold rush?

There have been quite a few articles (both online and via the traditional press – most recently this one) regarding the new ‘gold rush’ that is occurring in the eBook market (a market that is still in its infancy). Most of these articles have bandied about some incredible figures (one author apparently making $19,000+ dollars in one month).

The fact is though that the gold rush doesn’t exist, at least not for 99% of us, and you will not make millions of dollars from eBooks. The Amanda Hockings and Bella Andres of this world are a rarity (in the same way that JK Rowling and Dan Brown are a rarity in theirs). Most of us will be extremely lucky to make $19,000 dollars for all of our eBooks put together over the course our entire lifetime. Hell, if the eBook of The Gamblers makes more than $1,900 over the course of its life I’ll officially dance a jig of joy on YouTube (by which point I’ll probably be a very old and very infirm man). And if it ever made the Kindle bestseller list I’d probably do cartwheels along the concourse of King’s Cross station. Of course, I’m safe in the knowledge that I’ll never have to throw my fat frame into a potentially life threatening cartwheel, despite the fact that I would love to see my work on the bestseller list! As things stand, I’ll end up spending more on publicity (for a return of a mere handful of sales) than I will ever get back in sales. Let me put this into more context, if I sell a copy a day I’m absolutely bloody ecstatic (‘cause, believe me, I don’t).

Most of us self-published ‘hacks’ will do our thing because we love it, and not because we’ll see big profit in it. We will publish our novels quietly, be overlooked in favour of the ‘big boys/girls’, and our work will, in time, fade into digital obscurity – forgotten, and probably rightly so.

Still, it doesn’t matter if we have an audience or not – as long as we enjoy creating our little worlds.

And I love my little, dark corner of the world…


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