The second novel, or the second novella…

…which one will get there first?

I’m 44,000 words into my second novel (roughly halfway, by my current calculations), which will be the first in a series of three novels featuring a pair of Teesside thieves who steal only from drug dealers and other criminals. These novels are very much in the hard-boiled mould rather than noir. They are also in the first person, which is a new one for me (as third person is normally my thing).

However, they are also the stars of a few short stories that I have written recently and a novella, which is currently about 5,000 words in and moving at a faster pace than the novel in terms of words per day.

I hope to have first drafts of both done by mid-August. With draft revisions through August and September and a tentative publication date (for the novella, at least) of early October. The second novel will probably have to wait until

In the meantime, I will make the short stories available for free as and when they have been proofed and edited.

I intend to go travelling in October, and this is a deadline set in stone (the tickets are booked, for one thing), so I know I need to pick up the pace. I want to have another piece of writing available for sale by the time I go travelling, so I can enjoy my travels without fretting about the stuff I haven’t finished.

Exciting times!

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