Permanent price reduction of The Gamblers

Just as I was starting to get some kind of sales momentum going with The Gamblers I decided to up the price – silly me! My reasons were more a case of market testing than anything else, to see if there’s any point at which the British and US public will stop buying. Well, ha ha, I found it pretty quickly in the case of the British market (if it goes over £1, and unless you’re an established author, you are buggered – people lose interest in Indie books over that magical barrier and stop buying). The US seems to be different, as I managed to sell a couple of copies at $1.99. It’s an interesting thing to find out a little bit about the mindset of your customers, and what they think is a ‘fair’ price. The US Kindle top 100 has a lot more expensively priced books on it than the UK one does, and I think they are happier to pay top whack for something they want than the British are.

Anyway, lesson learned, folks; from later today The Gamblers will be down to its permanent price of 86p and $0.99.


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