The Hunters now has a cover…

Here’s the cover for my novella The Hunters, which will introduce the world (a very small portion, most likely) to the Stanton brothers a pair of Teesside villains who steal only from other villains.

The cover pretty much describes what’s going to happen inside ā€” guns, bloodshed, a general air of brutality. Or at least that’s what I hope is the case. Comments about the design (by yours truly) is most welcome. If you like it, tell me why. And if you think it’s a hideous bag o’ shite, then share you reasons for that too!

By the way, the novella is pretty bloody close to a finished first draft. A short break will ensue, for reflection and to get back to my second novel, and then it’s time for revisions and redrafts.

Mark it in your diaries: The Hunters will be unleashed on the world in December.

4 thoughts on “The Hunters now has a cover…

    • Ta, my friend. I decided to go a lot less busy for this cover, to fully differentiate it from The Gamblers. This lay the foundations for the rest of the Stanton brothers’ work (three novels, two novellas and a short story collection)

  1. i like the cover, i think its ok, compared to all the horrible cover of the spanish hardboiled novels. But let me mark some things (im a graphic designer from argentina).
    I think the gun, the way is cropped, is losing strenght, power The most menacing part of it, is the barrell, and its out of the picture, I like the bloods splatters, BUt opossite to DAN, i really dont like the typography, there is some really bad negative space generate by the word THE right next to the “U”. And the title is losing some strenght too, because is in the red ( the blood is the same colour and they taking the strenght that title should have).
    I hope u dont get mad because what ive said.
    I really like your blog, keep the good work!

    • Hi Nicolas,

      Thank you for the comments. I’m not mad at all. I can’t very well post something asking for comments and then complain when people do so. It wouldn’t be much of a world if we all agreed about the same things and had the same ideas about what we considered beautiful or not. However, I disagree about the gun – I like the crop and feel that it works well compositionally. But I have noted your comment about the negative space over the ‘U’ and will attempt to alter things accordingly, to see if I can find a placement of the ‘The’ that somehow works a little better. Glad, you like the blog, Nicolas, and keep checking in, as I should have some new updates coming very soon.


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