Started my month in Thailand just on a side-street off Samsen Road. For the price the place is passable. Just. But you get what you pay for.

Bangkok is a hustle of activity and the scents of Thai cooking fill the warm air. There’s lots to see and do here, but I’ve come to realise that not every friendly Thai face is particularly the face of a friend. Scams seem to be everywhere. Hell, we got taken today for a couple of hundred quid apiece by the Thai Authority of Tourism; coerced into buying a trip we felt uncomfortable about taking. We should’ve walked away, but didn’t – more fool us, I guess. The trip is supposed to be in a couple of days; we’ll see if the taxi that’s supposed to take us to the train station exists at 7am on Friday morning.

Woe betide that office if it doesn’t, because right now I’m not particularly liking Thailand or its people very much and will surely undertake some justice if the rip-off extends to an overpriced trip that doesn’t even exist.

Still, one plus is that whilst I was sat in the tuk-tuk, fuming with rage, I wrote a short story in its several thousand word entirety in my head. The words are burned in my synapses. Just need to get the thing on the page now.

I now realise I write quickest and best when I’m angry. In this case very angry.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok

  1. i’d say glad you’re enjoying it but…anyway – sweatiness and anger are very conducive to creativity, just remember that. and every scam you see through or fall for is one you can punish your characters with.
    be safe.
    ps – i’ve dm’d you re. the hunters when you get a second

    • I’ve settled into a new way to entertain myself. It’s called You’ve Just Subsidised My Journey, Hahaha which consists of being driven to a tailors (the same in both cases) before asking for outlandish demands and leaving without getting anything – safe in the knowledge that my cheap as chips 20 Baht journey has been subsidised by said tailor.

      I have also – barring one minor mishap – enjoyed today a lot more than yesterday, and Bangkok is a beautiful place wih a lot to offer, but my ability to trust any local trying to have a normal conversation has sadly gone. I’m definitely making sure I’m safe!

      The characters have suffered some grisly fates in this new short story. I’d say it’s one of my best shorts simply because it’s fuelled by anger, but it’s simply because it has a clearly defined beginning, middle and end.

      Oh, replied to the DM by the way.

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