No resolutions

I’m not going to offer resolutions for 2012 on here. I try not to make proclamations like that any more; they’re rarely ever fulfilled and I usually feel bad about them afterwards.

What I will say is this. My 41,000 word novella/short novel The Hunters, the first release in my Stanton brothers series of books, will be released as an ebook in January and a paperback in either January or February (depending how quickly the layout and proofing process go). The second and third books are currently being written (one of which will be released in the final quarter of 2012). A short story collection (as yet untitled) will also be released.

Outside of that I have nothing more to add. I have other writing projects in the offing, but best not to say much more about them because I have no idea when they’ll be finalised.

Have a great New Year, readers.

Back cover blurb for The Hunters – due soon

Here’s the back cover blurb for The Hunters, which is due in January. Hopefully it’ll give you some indication of what’s going to go down between the covers, when it arrives on your Kindle and doorstep in 2012

The Stanton brothers have their lives well mapped out. They steal money from villains and give it to… Well, themselves. They have it easy. Or they would if it wasn’t for the various scumbags who come at them with fists, knives, guns…

So when a disgruntled woman tells them about a half-million of undeclared cash in her ex-husband’s safe they think they’ve got it made. And when she tells them he runs a regular high-stakes poker game with some of Teesside’s most colourful villains they think they’ve died and gone to Heaven.

But when the job goes wrong, it turns out it’s not Heaven they’re in, but Hell. They’re left hunting the underworld for the money armed only with some well-aimed quips… and knuckledusters… and nailed-spiked baseball bats… oh, and some guns.

It’s time to get back what doesn’t belong to them…

The Hunters mixes bone-crunching action with a motley crew of Teesside villains, adds in some healthy doses of bleak black humour and serves it up at a furious pace. It would be criminal to miss it…

My ‘Free Weekend’ experiment updated

On Friday evening I enrolled The Gamblers in the KDP Select program. This allows publishers and self-publishers to make their work available for Amazon Prime users to borrow for as long as they wish. More usefully, however, it also allows you to ‘promote’ your work for free during a 90 day period.

I decided to use 2 of my days over the last weekend. Why, you might ask?

Firstly, The Gamblers is dead in terms of sales. I haven’t sold jack-shit over the last six weeks and no matter what I try and do nobody wants to buy. I’ve tweeted, I’ve Facebooked, I’ve used forums, I’ve used this blog, but nobody is interested in buying it any more – despite the fact that it is a very reasonable £1 or $1.99 a book. So, I figured that giving it away puts it on a number of Kindles and other devices capable of viewing Kindle ebooks.
>>The Gamblers has started selling again and the number of visitors to my site has increased. Not sure if this is the ‘halo effect’ or something more pronounced. The coming days and weeks will confirm one way or another

Secondly, I decided that The Gamblers may as well serve as an advert for my future work. Most of my readers have enjoyed the novel, and of those a number have since expressed an interest in my next work, The Hunters. My hope is that enough people read The Gamblers between now and January (the new Hunters release date – more on that later) that they swoop and buy my latest work.

Thirdly, thinking about how well The Gamblers did over the weekend gave me a promotional idea for The Hunters – one I intend to implement. When TH is finally released in January I intend to give away the Kindle edition of The Gamblers for free to everybody who buys an ebook of The Hunters. All I will need is proof of purchase and an email address that I can send your ebook to. >>I’ve realised that I won’t be able to give The Gamblers away for free as promotion for the Kindle version The Hunters. One of the downsides of KDP Select is you have to give Amazon exclusivity for 90 days. I will have to come up with something else as a promotion. But I do have some clear ideas about what that will be. I think you’ll like it.

So, how did I do over the weekend, you might also ask?

Over the weekend 362 UK copies of The Gamblers were downloaded; 257 copies were downloaded in the US, and (oddly) 2 copies were downloaded in Germany.

That’s 621 potential new readers in total. On top of those who had previously bought copies of The Gamblers – either on Kindle or as a paperback – that’s a fair base upon which to launch my next pieces of writing: The Hunters and an as-yet-untitled short story collection featuring the Stanton Brothers (the anti-heroes of The Hunters).

The Gamblers free for this weekend only!

Am I crazy, you ask?


However, that’s neither here nor there, as this weekend (to celebrate The Gamblers inclusion in Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library scheme – for all you lucky folks with Amazon Prime accounts) I am making the Kindle edition of my novel completely free.

You read that right – free.

Not $1.99. Not £1. Not $0.99. And not 86p. NO – IT’S FREE!

This mini sale starts tomorrow, 10 December, and ends on Sunday at midnight.

Grab ’em while you can, folks.