No resolutions

I’m not going to offer resolutions for 2012 on here. I try not to make proclamations like that any more; they’re rarely ever fulfilled and I usually feel bad about them afterwards.

What I will say is this. My 41,000 word novella/short novel The Hunters, the first release in my Stanton brothers series of books, will be released as an ebook in January and a paperback in either January or February (depending how quickly the layout and proofing process go). The second and third books are currently being written (one of which will be released in the final quarter of 2012). A short story collection (as yet untitled) will also be released.

Outside of that I have nothing more to add. I have other writing projects in the offing, but best not to say much more about them because I have no idea when they’ll be finalised.

Have a great New Year, readers.

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