Official announcement for my next novel, The Hunters

The Hunters, the first Stanton brothers novel/novella (at nigh on 41,000 words, it’s either a large novella or a short novel), will finally be released on Kindle on the 23rd January (and as a paperback in February). It will be the beginning of a series of novellas, novels and short stories featuring these characters. They will also cross over into several other writing projects that I’m currently undertaking (one of which features Mark Kandinsky, who makes a brief but memorable cameo in The Gamblers, wherein you will find out exactly where he got his bruises from {this will mean nothing to those who haven’t read my first book}). During its first month on release, The Hunters will be on special offer at $0.99 and 99p

A short story collection entitled The Greatest Show in Town and other stories, featuring five shorts about the brothers (along with two or three other stories that don’t feature them), will appear as a Kindle exclusive in February.

A shorter novella, tentatively titled The Glasgow Grin, is well underway and should make it into release later in 2012.

On top of working as a freelance crayon monkey, so that I can earn enough to pay for my food and rent, it’s going to be a very busy year for me.

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