Well worth a listen – audio interview between Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming

The sound quality isn’t exactly cutting edge, and it’s in four chunks rather than one big one, but, bloody hell, this is Ian Fleming interviewing Raymond Chandler. For that alone it’s worth about half an hour of your precious time. Plus, the bits when they talk about the Albert Anastasia hit and the novel that would be finished by Robert B Parker and released posthumously entitled ‘Poodle Springs’ are fascinating.

Whilst Ian Fleming’s voice is exactly as I imagined it, with real cut-glass, RP tones, Chandler’s is anything but. I can’t say imagined he would sound like Philip Marlowe but, considering the legendary amounts of alcohol the author put away, I thought he would sound throatier and more gravelly than the rather genteel voice that emerges from this recording.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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