The Kindle Effect

Until this year, well at least since I’ve been in London, I considered myself a 25-30 books a year man. Generally, I’ve polished off a couple of books a month on average, with some extra novels consumed on holiday.

But since I’ve had a Kindle, or Kindle enabled device, like my smartphone, I’ve consumed fiction at a much faster rate. I read faster, I appear to absorb what I’ve read faster and my appetite for reading has been greatly increased (this also includes consumption of paperbacks). By my current calculations I’ll probably end up consuming three times my usual amount. This is one hell of a hike!

Has anybody else also had this effect? Has it also affected what you’ve read too? I’ll be interested to know your opinions.

2 thoughts on “The Kindle Effect

  1. Yeah, me too, to some extent. I think a big part of it is that suddenly there are a LOT more books available to read, and I’m anxious to get to them. So I tear through them like crazy instead of, you know, watching TV or playing XBox. About half my reading these days is on Kindle.

  2. Agreed. I just love the fact that I’ve suddenly got access to a big catalog of great new writers. Whilst it might be difficult for writers to break out of the mass, for readers that’s ideal because there is this mass of fabulous new crime writers out there. I have unknown number of great titles that I can’t wait to read. In a sense, it feels like it could be a new golden age for crime fiction (though history will be the judge of that) – the volume of fantastic reads is awe-inspiring

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