BOG OFF – Or Buy One Get One Free, Friend! – January

Right, for the rest of January, in an effort to gee up sales through this grey, cold month, I’m running a buy one get one free deal on my Kindle books The Gamblers and The Hunters (The Greatest Show in Town due to the fact that it is cheaper is not included in this offer – however, it can be claimed as a free book).

How does it work?
Simple! You buy an ebook from Amazon and they give you a receipt (or they bloody well should) that looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 19.10.43

Once this has been emailed to you please forward it to me at The title you bought (either The Gamblers or The Hunters) will be on the receipt, which means it is then up to you state in the email what ebook you want: The Hunters/The Gamblers or The Greatest Show in Town – the choice, as they say, is yours!

Obviously, how you get that .mobi file on to your Kindle is your business entirely, but a handy guide on how to do it can be found here


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