Review: The Kelly Affair by Paul D Brazill

The Kelly Affair follows the continuing story of Luke Case. After the events of Death On A Hot Afternoon everybody’s favourite boozy hack, Luke Case, is sent out to Granada to possibly ghost write the autobiography of a con man. The problem is that the ghosts of Luke’s past have returned to haunt him.

TKA is written in that inimitable Brazill prose, a rich mixture of metaphor, poetic description, and hardboiled terseness, but it is a different beast to the previous Case tales. This one is less self-contained, and the violent prologue and subtle cliff-hanger points to a widening story which makes the readers see that Case is most definitely not what he seems. Personally, I can’t wait to see where Brazill takes this. Highly recommended.


3 thoughts on “Review: The Kelly Affair by Paul D Brazill

  1. Thanks very much Martin. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, this is a bridging story- like back To The Future 2- and doesn’t really work without the last two parts or the next 2 parts. Hopefully it should all melt together.

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