The Green-eyed Monster

After a couple of months as a free Kindle file (via this blog), for those with the time and patience to download it and put it on the Kindle yourself, The Green-eyed Monster is no longer free to download.

If you want to get your hands on the prequel to Bone Breakers you will have to buy it from Amazon. It is available for 77p from and $0.99 from


Price news etc.

After a couple of months at the 99p/$0.99 price point, I have put the price of all my novels/novellas back up to £1.99/$2.99. The Greatest Show In Town is up to £1.50/$1.99.

The Stanton brothers’ short story (and prequel to Bone Breakers) The Green-eyed Monster will also be available very soon on Amazon for 99p/$0.99. Which means that I intend to take down the free version in the next few days. So if you want it for free you better act now.