Review: The Liberator by Paul D. Brazill

Paul D Brazill’s latest, The Liberator, is about Father Trent – a priest who doesn’t exactly believe in turning the other cheek unless it’s somebody else’s and he’s applied one of his fists to it first – and the search for his sister, who has been kidnapped by something ancient and evil.

Like the Roman Dalton and Luke Case yarns, this is a very snappy short that builds to reveal a bigger picture (or will over time). However, it is a self-contained story in its own right, and a very good one it is, too. It has plenty of action and incident and is vividly painted in Brazill’s rich and inimitable prose. His reputation has been built in short fiction, and it shows – he knows how to pace his short stuff perfectly, with the right balance of description to action and with suitably iconic and cool finales.

I’m already looking forward to the next adventure for Father Trent. Here’s hoping that it’s as punchy as his first.

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