2013 – and what the future holds

I’m not sure what the next year holds in terms of writing success (or lack of it), but I know I want to up my game in 2013. Write more, sell more and, most important of all, improve with every piece I produce.

I’m currently sitting on a second draft of a Stanton Brothers’ novella called Bone Breakers, I’m two-thirds of the way through The Hunters’ sequel The Glasgow Grin, I’m a good 5,000 words into a revenge-noir novella tentatively called Cry Tomorrow. I’m also sitting on a few long and short stories on the subject of revenge, which I may or may not turn into the basis of another short collection (if I don’t decide to try giving them to others to publish). All of these projects will hopefully see the light of day in 2013, but this is one area where I need to up my game. I need to release more of my stuff without fussing over it. Making sure that I’ve edited and polished my stuff is important, but fussing and tinkering is not. I need to learn when to let go.

Sales in 2012 were at the same level as 2011 (when The Gamblers was released on Kindle) in terms of volume, which means a decrease in sales in real terms due to the fact that The Gamblers wasn’t actually released until April of 2011 (whereas 2012 has been a full sales year). Like everybody else I’m shouting to be heard in an ever more crowded marketplace and I’m clueless as to what I can do about it. If last year is anything to go by, 2013 will see a record volume of stuff released on Kindle, meaning more competition for all of us. So I really need to think carefully about how I proceed over the coming year.

Do I continue down the self-published path? Or do I try and submit my stuff to a small Indie press and see if they like what I’ve produced (and there’s no guarantee of that)? Or do I take a half-and-half approach (some work stays self-published, other work I pass to Indie houses)? Decisions decisions.

If I do stick with self-publishing I am going to have to work a lot smarter if I’m to increase my readership over the coming year. I have some ideas, but without some effective marketing of them on my part they probably won’t amount to much. Ideally, I would like to double my sales in 2013, but I’ll be more than happy if I sell more than I did this year. That doesn’t mean big sales (far from it), but it will mean I have at least increased my readership considerably. And a bigger readership of better work will mean a good basis for 2014.

I intend to work my cojones off in 2013, travel further down the path of the writer, and produce more fiction and more reviews, improving with every piece I produce. And I hope you readers will be there to join me for that journey.

Happy New Year