November price drop!

My recent good progress with sales has dwindled drastically this month, so I’ve slashed the prices of all my Kindle books to 99p or less (in the case of The Green-eyed Monster and The Greatest Show in Town).

They will remain at these bargain prices until December 1st when they will revert back to their original prices.

Grab ’em while you can!

Bone Breakers UK  |  Bone Breakers US
The Hunters UK  |  The Hunters US
The Gamblers UK  The Gamblers US
The Green-eyed Monster UK  |  The Green-eyed Monster US
The Greatest Show in Town UK  |  The Greatest Show in Town US

The Hunters will be free this weekend

In celebration of my novel The Hunters entering KDP Select, I have decided to give you lot a free-for-all from Friday 17th through Sunday 19th February.

I felt that The Hunters wasn’t getting enough exposure and thought that this would put it in the hands of a few readers. These readers will hopefully like it and tell their friends, who will, in turn, tell their friends, and everything will start to snowball. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of momentum.

And if you do grab it for free, please either post a review (it can be ultra-brief if you’re not the wordy type) or hit the Like button next to the title. Come on, you know it’s the right thing to do…

After the free-for-all has ended, the price goes up to £1.99 ($2.99) and will stay there.

That is all!

UK Edition

US Edition

Permanent price reduction of The Gamblers

Just as I was starting to get some kind of sales momentum going with The Gamblers I decided to up the price – silly me! My reasons were more a case of market testing than anything else, to see if there’s any point at which the British and US public will stop buying. Well, ha ha, I found it pretty quickly in the case of the British market (if it goes over £1, and unless you’re an established author, you are buggered – people lose interest in Indie books over that magical barrier and stop buying). The US seems to be different, as I managed to sell a couple of copies at $1.99. It’s an interesting thing to find out a little bit about the mindset of your customers, and what they think is a ‘fair’ price. The US Kindle top 100 has a lot more expensively priced books on it than the UK one does, and I think they are happier to pay top whack for something they want than the British are.

Anyway, lesson learned, folks; from later today The Gamblers will be down to its permanent price of 86p and $0.99.