October 1st

This is my self-imposed deadline for the publication of my next piece of work, a novella entitled The Hunters. I am about two thirds through it and the first draft should be finished in about ten days or so. I’ll let it sit for a fortnight, print it out and then revise it. After this, I’ll hand it off to a couple of trusted folks for comment and then do a final revision. In the meantime I’ll work on my second novel, which is at the halfway point and try and get that to something approaching a conclusion.

The reason for the rush is that I am travelling to south-east Asia on October 8th (for four months) and I want everything to be done before I go. I know the novel won’t be in a publishable form by this point, but the novella, and a short story collection, will be.

I will quite literally be travelling into the unknown. I have asked for a sabbatical from work, but even if I don’t get it I am travelling anyway. This means that there’s the distinct possibility that I’ll have no job to come back to upon my return. No job and no flat, as my girlfriend and I aren’t going to renew our lease. For somebody as risk averse as me this is is HUGE.

There’s the possibility of living at my parents’ place in Spain for a couple of months whilst we try and find other work, but the future is hazy, very hazy.

Sweet Jebus, I’m doing this…