The Greatest Show in Town

GreatestThe author of The Gamblers and The Hunters serves up 11 sharp slices of Brit Grit for you to sample. Tales that grab you by the throat and don’t let go. Tales that beat you down and do nasty things to you while you’re out cold. Tales that live with you long after you’ve finished the final page.

A security guard gets more than he bargained for when he pays a visit to The Carpenter’s Arms; two women cause all manner of mayhem when they suffer from a bout of Bus Rage; a mother’s death brings about a permanent rift between brother and sister in The Short Goodbye; and the Stanton brothers cut a kneecapping, bone-breaking, foul-mouthed swathe through the underworld in The Greatest Show in Town, The Beautiful Game, One Sixteenth and The Fight.

This here’s the hard stuff. And you’ll take it and like it!

You can get this collection on Amazon for £1.99/$2.99

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