The Author

Martin Stanley was born in Middlesbrough in 1972. He was educated in Teesside and later in Bristol, where he studied graphic design.

He is the author of The Gamblers, a violent crime thriller set in Bristol, and the Stanton brothers books (in reading order): 1) The Curious Case of The Missing Moolah; 2) The Green-eyed Monster; 3) Bone Breakers; 4) The Hunters; and its direct sequel 5) The Glasgow Grin. The brothers also appear in several tales contained in the short story collection The Greatest Show in Town. Another Stanton brothers’ novel A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Billingham Forum is due for release later this year.

Martin lives, works and socialises in London. He likes drinking craft and Belgian beers, watching classic movies and bingeing on TV shows. And he obviously loves to read (often with a pang of author envy).

Should you wish to contact him personally or if you would like a review copy of his work please email and he will do his best to respond as soon as he is able.

12 thoughts on “The Author

  1. hi Martin I discovered your Stanton brothers books on kindle and found them to be superb reading also I have just downloaded the gamblers to read. looking forward to catch up with the brothers in the near future. best regards Kevin dilks.

    • Thank you very much, Kevin. I’m really glad that you enjoyed them. It is always a pleasure to hear from readers. I also hope that you enjoy The Gamblers. It’s a bigger and darker read than the Stanton books, but it moves like a rocket once it gets going.

  2. Hi Martin having now read the gamblers twice it is a brilliant story also have now read the curious case of the missing moolah thank you for my fix of the Stanton brothers can’t wait for the next book. Best regards Kev dilks.

    • Hi Kev, I’m really glad to know you’ve read The Gamblers twice (especially as it is a fairly long novel). The next book (The Glasgow Grin) should be out in June. It is another long novel, like The Gamblers. Cheers, Martin.

  3. Hi Martin
    Read your comments about free kindle content, in my case it worked you have a fan, read The Hunters, one word brilliant went back onto Amazon and purchased all your other Stanton brothers novels I am working my way through them.

    Have you any idea when Glasgow Grin will be published

    Best Regards, Mark

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for reading, commenting and buying. Very much appreciated. Always happy when readers let me know that they enjoyed my work.

      The Glasgow Grin is likely to appear in either December or January. It has been massively delayed!

  4. Hi Martin,

    Here’s how I spent my afternoon. I downloaded and read ‘The Hunters’. Devoured it in one sitting, loved it and promptly went back to Amazon for more. This time I chose ‘Bone Breakers’. I’ve not long finished it and it completely blew me away. Truly, what a fantastic, absorbing, engrossing read! I’m now about to start ‘The Glasgow Grin’. I’ve left reviews on Amazon and Goodreads – it sure would be fantastic if you chose to join Goodreads. I’m sure fans of your work would agree with me. Thanks for producing such brilliant reads!

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Thanks so much for the very high praise. I’m really glad you enjoyed The Hunters and Bone Breakers. If you like them you’ll definitely get a kick out of The Glasgow Grin. I am actually a member of Goodreads, but for some reason my books haven’t attached to my author account. Will add you as a friend on Goodreads.

      • Hi Martin,
        Thanks for the reply! After I left the above message, I did actually find your profile on Goodreads, so I swiftly sent off a friend request.

        Safe to say, it’s going to be a late night for me – I’ve started The Glasgow Grin and I’m not going to be able to tear myself away from this one. It’s great to get the background on events that happened in the previous novel, The Hunters (with Rose and Eddie, and Patel etc). It just feels really familiar and I cannot believe I’m only now discovering these novels!

        Sometimes you find a gem of an author and I believe that’s what has so clearly happened here. I read many many books – as yet, I’ve never read three in one day. Until now, that is.

        Perhaps I’ll catch you over on Goodreads sometime. I’m away to catch up with Eric and Derek šŸ™‚


      • Hi Carolyn,
        I’m impressed you’ve managed three in one day (especially The Glasgow Grin, which is pretty hefty – bigger than Bone Breakers and The Hunters combined, plus change). That is a lot of reading. I’m also very happy they’ve made such an impression on you, which is something an author always wants to hear. I hope you enjoy/ed The Glasgow Grin (please let me know your thoughts).

  5. Hi martin getting ready to go into hospital for a hip replacement and I am stockpiling kindle novels to read I am a massive fan of your books and could do with a fix of the Stanton boys to pass the long hours which lay ahead if not the brilliant Stantons anything else on the go at the moment.yours hopefully Kev dilks.

    • Hi Kevin,
      I know you’re a big fan (your reviews and comments are greatly appreciated). Thanks for reading. And sorry about the major surgery. Good books are always required for prolonged hospital stays, so I understand your dilemma. Not sure when you’re going into hospital, but if you send your email address to my gamblersnovel account I’ll send you the latest Novel via email. It’ll take me a few days to sort it out and send it to you, and you’ll obviously have to load it onto your Kindle yourself. Bear in mind that it’s a rough (meaning it’s still unfinished – there may be typos and other errors that won’t be in the final edit and some chapters may change slightly). And obviously it will be for your eyes only. I want to keep it quiet until it gets a full release in August. So aside from my editor you’ll be the first to read it.

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